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Several jobs that need to be filled have recently been added by hiring managers

Senior Risk Expert

  • Fee: 20%
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Accounting Auditor

  • Fee: 20%
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Corporate legal counsel

  • Fee: 20%
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Junior accountant

  • Fee: 11000€
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Project engineer

  • Fee: 23%
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Payroll officer

  • Fee: 20%
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HR Business partner

  • Fee: 25%
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Hiring notes work for hiring companies?

    The principle is quite simple. You anonymously post your job advertisements on your interface. Your ad will be seen by recruiters in their interface and will send you anonymous CVs. If a CV meets your expectations, you simply accept it and you will be automatically connected with the recruiter through a messaging system on your interface, where you can communicate and decide if you want to continue the collaboration.

  • How does Hiring notes work for recruiters?

    As a recruiter, you have access to all open positions based on country, industry, and job type in your interface. If you think a position could match the qualifications of one of your candidates, you can anonymously propose their CV. If the CV is accepted by the hiring manager, you will be connected with them through a messaging system on your interface.

  • Does Hiring notes work for any hiring company?

    Yes, Hiring notes is accessible to all companies regardless of their industry or size.

  • What kind of recruiters can be found on the platform?

    We accept recruitment agencies of all sizes (large agencies, small agencies, freelance recruiters) and from all sectors

  • Why are hiring companies anonymous?

    We have chosen this feature to provide the utmost discretion to companies looking to hire personnel. Several reasons may explain why companies want to remain anonymous, such as:

    - They do not want internal employees to know that they are recruiting for a specific position.

    - They want to avoid receiving an undesirable number of emails from recruiters for unsolicited solicitations, without having the candidate(s) beforehand and thus wasting their time.

    - They want to test other recruiters because they are not satisfied with the CVs they received.

  • Why do CVs need to be sent anonymously to hiring companies?

    CVs need to be sent anonymously because at the sending stage, the parties have no agreement between them yet. Sending anonymous CVs is the best way for companies to judge if the CVs they receive are interesting enough to proceed to the next stages (agreement on T&C's, sending the original CV, interviews, etc.)

    Anonymous resumes are also a way to avoid discrimination in the job market and raise awareness among companies about neutral recruitment.