Why join our platform as a hiring company ?

No more spams

Say goodbye to you and your company being inundated with calls and emails the minutes you post a job listing

100% free

Our platform is 100% free for hiring companies. No payment will be required to use it.

Receive qualified CV

You receive qualified candidates from our extensive network of recruiters for your open positions. Once you have chosen the CVs that best match your expectations, you will then be connected with the recruiter(s) through a messaging system to discuss further.


One unique feature of our platform is the anonymity of hiring companies. Your identity is only revealed to a recruiter when you express interest in his candidate. This feature enables you to remain discreet and undisclosed.

Several features

We have implemented multiple features to ensure the best possible experience for you and to save you as much time as possible. For example , you have the ability to limit the total number of received CVs or set limits per recruiter. Additionally, you can communicate your placement conditions (fees, guarantees, etc.) in advance to establish clarity right from the beginning.

Professional platform

Hiring Notes is a professional platform, and we aim to maintain its professional standards. Therefore, we meticulously manually review all registrations to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the provided information.