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“Our goal is to create an ecosystem and platform where recruiters and hiring managers can easily and efficiently meet and collaborate.“

How did the idea for Hiring Notes come about?

Every recruiter and hiring manager with extensive experience in the industry will tell you the same thing : 90% of recruiting is about timing.

Many hiring managers struggle to find the right candidates for their open positions because they are not working with the recruiters who have the perfect candidate at the perfect moment. On the other hand, recruiters struggle to find the perfect positions for their candidates because they don't have the right positions for their candidates at the perfect moment! What if these two human resources professionals, who have the same interests, could meet at the same time and place so that timing wouldn't be an issue anymore? That's exactly the reason why we created Hiring Notes!

How does Hiring Notes benefit companies and help solve some of the recruitment problems faced by hiring managers ?

While working with hiring managers, we have observed some concerning issues:

- Difficulty finding recruiters specialized in their industry
- Receiving profiles from job advertisements that do not meet their expectations
- Some hiring managers have never worked with a recruiter and are unaware of the added value they can bring

However, a good recruiter can be a valuable ally in talent acquisition and the success of a company!

Hiring Notes is a platform designed to connect companies with recruiters and offers specific features to streamline the recruitment and communication process. The process is straightforward: you post your job anonymously and receive multiple anonymous candidate proposals from recruiters. When a CV catches your interest, you can connect directly with the recruiter through a messaging system. Several features are available to help you save time, such as limiting the number of CVs received per position or per recruiter. Additionally, you can establish placement conditions in advance based on your budget. Isn't that fantastic?

What makes Hiring notes interesting for recruiters?

There are multiple benefits for recruiters.

Firstly, they can open themselves up to new clients who are seeking their recruitment expertise. Open position are added frequently and some of them are exclusive and not on the public job boards.

Secondly, it's an opportunity to place candidates that they haven't been able to place with their existing clients for various reasons.

Thirdly, there is no ranking. Every recruiters are equal and every recruiter can show how good they are by providing the right candidate to the right hiring company.

Fourthly, it is the fastest way to make placements and achieve your goals / KPis / target as most positions are urgent.

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