Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a hiring company, can I be sure to receive resumes ?

    No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will receive resumes from recruiters. This can depend on several factors such as the difficulty in finding the right profile, the attractiveness of the position and company, the salary offered, the commission you are willing to grant to the recruiter, etc.

  • As a hiring manager, can I indicate the amount of recruitment fees I want to allocate per position in advance?

    Yes, this is also a feature available when you add a job on your interface. You can also indicate that you are open to negotiation to find a common ground. We always recommend activating this feature to allow for flexibility in negotiations.

  • As a hiring manager, can I limit the number of CVs received per position?

    Yes, this is a feature available when you add a job on your interface. You can also limit the number of CVs sent by each recruiter.

  • As a recruiter, can I send something other than a CV to hiring companies ?

    Yes, you can add a comment with the CV so that the hiring manager has all the relevant information about the profile.

  • Do you verify the companies registered on your platform?

    Yes, all registrations on our platform, whether it is from hiring companies or recruiters, undergo a manual internal verification process. We check that all information provided is correct through an investigation. If we have any doubts about the information, we temporarily suspend the accounts to request more information about the person or the company. If, after obtaining the information, we are still unable to confirm the identity of the person or the company, the account is permanently blocked. Moreover, recruiters are also subject to an ethics charter.

    However, please note that we cannot guarantee the 100% accuracy of the accounts registered on our platform or the information we receive. This is why we advise our users to exercise great caution when connecting with a recruiter or hiring manager through our chat system. If you have any doubts about someone you are communicating with, please feel free to email us at

  • Does Hiring notes work for any hiring company?

    Yes, Hiring notes is accessible to all companies regardless of their industry or size.

  • For which countries can hiring companies post their job ads?

    Our platform is accessible for hiring companies in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, United States and United Kingdom.

  • How do hiring managers and recruiters connect when they are interested in a CV?

    When a CV is accepted, you will be connected through a messaging system available on your respective interfaces. This is available in the user interface on "Message". Please note that for recruiters, it is a premium feature.

  • How does Hiring notes work for hiring companies?

    The principle is quite simple. You anonymously post your job advertisements on your interface. Your ad will be seen by recruiters in their interface and will send you anonymous CVs. If a CV meets your expectations, you simply accept it and you will be automatically connected with the recruiter through a messaging system on your interface, where you can communicate and decide if you want to continue the collaboration.

  • How does Hiring notes work for recruiters?

    As a recruiter, you have access to all open positions based on country, industry, and job type in your interface. If you think aposition could match the qualifications of one of your candidates, you can anonymously propose their CV. If the CV is accepted by the hiring manager, you will be connected with them through a messaging system on your interface.

  • How long does the ad stay online?

    Maximum 90 days but you are free to put it back online after expiration if you wish to receive more applications

  • How much does registration on Hiring notes cost?

    Registration is 100% free for hiring companies. For recruiters you can check our Pricing on your interface on " upgrade my plan" tab.

  • If I accept a CV, am I obligated to collaborate with the recruiter?

    No, the purpose is for the acceptance of the CV to lead to a discussion with the recruiter through a messaging system. After this exchange, you are free to continue or stop the collaboration with the recruiter.

  • In which countries is the platform available for recruiters?

    Recruiters from all over Europe can propose candidates for open positions.

  • Regarding fees, is there a minimum or maximum?

    No, you are free to indicate the amount you are willing to spend if you hire the recruiter's candidate. However, we strongly advise being as competitive and attractive as possible to encourage recruiters to work with you.

  • What details do recruiters have access to regarding hiring companies?

    Even though hiring companies are anonymous, recruiters have access to certain information about them, such as the city and country where the hiring companies are located, the type of company (international company, group, SME, start-up, etc.), the average number of employees, the turnover, and the industry.

  • What information do recruiters have about open positions?

    To ensure that you send the right candidate, you have access to detailed information about the open jobs, such as:
    - Job title
    - Location (city and country)
    - Full-time/part-time job
    - Possibility of partial or full remote work
    - Type of contract (permanent, fixed-term, freelance)
    - Job description
    - Process description
    - Department within the company
    - Reason for the job being open (newly created position, temporary unavailability of a person, understaffing, etc.)
    - Size of the team
    - Title of the direct line manager
    - Salary and proposed package
    - Description of what makes the company attractive
    - Any other notes that the hiring managers find relevant to share.

    Please note that some of the information is only accessible to premium users.

  • What information should be included on anonymous CVs?

    The purpose of an anonymous CV is to highlight the candidate's skills for the proposed position. An anonymous CV should mention the type of company (international company, SME, local business etc) and the sector in which the candidate works and/or has previously worked, the position they held, as well as the duration and type of degree or training they possess. This should also include hard skills and soft skills. 

    Information that should not be included on the CV includes personal contact details (first name, last name, address, email, phone number) and the name of the current or previous employer. 

    The name of the school or university the person attended can be visible depending on its relevance to the position.

  • What kind of recruiters can be found on the platform?

    We accept recruitment agencies of all sizes (large agencies, small agencies, freelance recruiters) and from all sectors.

  • What types of profiles are hiring companies looking for and for which recruiters can propose candidates?

    In general, the types of profiles that are sought after are: Administration, Construction / Real Estate / Engineering, Executive, Finance& Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Legal & Compliance, Public Relations & Marketing, Research & Development and Sales.

  • Why are hiring companies anonymous?

    We have chosen this feature to provide the utmost discretion to companies looking to hire personnel. Several reasons may explain why companies want to remain anonymous, such as:
    - For strategic matter
    - They want to avoid receiving an undesirable number of emails from recruiters for unsolicited solicitations, without having the candidate(s) before hand and thus wasting their time.
    - They want to test recruiters because they are not satisfied with the CVs they received

  • Why are recruiters anonymous?

    This allows for fairness among recruiters, without any distinction. The only relevant criterion becomes having the right candidate,qualified for the position and available.

  • Why do CVs need to be sent anonymously to hiring companies?

    CVs need to be sent anonymously because at the sending stage, the parties have no agreement between them yet. Sending anonymous CVs is the best way for companies to judge if the CVs they receive are interesting enough to proceed to the next stages (agreement on T&C's, sending the original CV, interviews, etc.)

    TIP: To easily anonymize the resumes of your candidates in just a few clicks, you can go here:

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